happy hour

June 09, 2017

i call this my happy hour look.  you know, you just got out of work and want to go get a drink with your girlfriends...that look ;)

junior and i planned a full day of shooting and adventuring last saturday.  he asked for some specific looks for the specific locations we were going.  for new york, he requested a business yet sexy look.  when i showed him my outfit he was like that's your business look? and i said, well duh!  let me set the mood...

i just finished working a long day in the office.  it's a friday.  my girlfriend texts me and asks if i want to go get a drink with her.  obviously, we work in the city.  i take off my top and put my blazer back on and go hit happy hour.  business, yet sexy.

he rolled with it and here's the result of that shoot ;)

||  bralette  ||  blazer  ||  pants  ||  pumps  ||  lippie (in satin ribbon)  ||

what would you wear to happy hour?

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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