an early father's day

June 07, 2017

today's post is dedicated to one of my favorite human beings in honor of father's day, which is quickly approaching.

my dad has the biggest heart of anyone that i know.  he's always so quick to help any and everyone that needs his help.  i definitely learned that from him!   he can be an ocean away and whenever i need someone to talk to, he is always there to listen to me.  and my poppa always gives the best advice!  he loves his kids more than anything in this world and we certainly know it!

i admire how hard he's worked throughout his entire life and his will to succeed.  after years of working for someone else, he seized an opportunity to become an entrepreneur and has been super successful ever since.  and he never lost his desire to look good even though he doesn't have a boss to impress (he is the boss!).  one thing i can always say is that no matter where he goes, he is always dressed nicely.  i guess that's also something i learned from him!  it doesn't matter if we're just going to run errands or out for lunch.  i love that about him!

with father's day around the corner, we took my dad out to eat at our favorite restaurant.  he's going to be out of the country on father's day, so i figured it was the best time to treat my old man.  (don't tell him i called him old!)  of course when we picked him up, he was dressed casual but nice.  because that's just how he does ;)  always with a nice pair of pants, either a button down top or a sports jacket and dress shoes.

shop his look...

what are some things you admire about your dad?

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