those who surround me

June 21, 2017

happy summer solstice, friends!  i'm absolutely loving this warmer weather and what it's doing for my mood!

over the weekend junior and i drove down to philly with one of my best friends to meet up with one of my oldest friends (from middle school!).  we were sitting there all chatting and i felt like i had an outer body experience just looking at these strong, determined people that i have in my life.  i always say i married my best friend, and not just because junior was my best friend before we were ever anything romantic, but because my best friend paula and him have so many similarities in the way they think (and in their crazy ways, too).  in that moment i realized that my friend, sofia was also very similar to junior and paula.  the three of them have such strong personalities, with such a determination for going after what ever it is they want out of life.  all three have such different backgrounds and are of course different in their own way, but all have that similarity.

i've been thinking about myself a lot, and who i am as a person and how i can improve.  (see my limitations post here).  it was in that moment that i realized that i love surrounding myself around people that can teach me.  that challenge me to be better and to want more.  i do feel like i am the complete opposite and admire people with a different way of thinking than i have.  i love surrounding myself around people i admire and inspire me.  i guess i really hope it's true what they are who you surround yourself with.

and here are some unrelated pictures from new york from a few weeks ago, because what's a blog without pictures ;)

||  bodysuit  ||  pants  ||  shoes  ||  purse  ||

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