feeling good

July 26, 2017

something about looking good that makes me just feel good.  and in turn, that makes me more productive.

i totally notice a difference when i come to work with my hair up, wearing the same, old, dingy work clothes and worn out work shoes, doing my make up so half assed that it's basically all gone by the end of the day that i usually don't feel like doing anything.  i work slower, i'm not motivated and i don't feel like myself.

but when i put just the smallest effort in actually styling my hair, and doing my make up and picking out a cute outfit for work (where, let's face it, i spend most of my days), i actually feel motivated, i work faster and am more productive.

it could just be me, but i had this conversation with my girlfriend and she totally agreed.  so take my advice!  make the extra effort for yourself and then see  how you feel.  wear the bright lipstick.  try the new hair style.  wear the heels.  and then come back and tell me you didn't feel like a million bucks ;)

||  top c/o makemechic  ||  jeans  ||  heels  ||  choker  ||

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  1. Oh my goodness, I totally agree! I teach high schoolers, and they are always honest with me if they like my outfit (or something don't like it- lol!). It always makes me feel like a million bucks if I've put myself together and gotten ready for work in the morning, instead of throwing on something blah and wearing a pony. I loooove your top and pants! SO pretty with the lip color.

    1. it really makes all the difference! thank you, love! xoxo


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