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July 31, 2017

happy monday friends!

i finally ordered a full body mirror for my apartment.  it only took 3 years. *eyeroll*  now i can actually see my full outfit before leaving the house.  of course that means i can take all the mirror ootd selfies, too.  important things going on over here, people!  i kid, i kid.

junior and i took these pictures right before seeing spider-man: homecoming.  what a great movie!  i highly suggest if you're into marvel movies.  i don't talk about it much here, but we go to the movies almost weekly.  well, weekly now that it's summer and a new movie comes out almost weekly.  what i should probably say is that we usually go to see new movies on opening weekend.  expensive hobby!  but 9 times out of 10, we go on a saturday or sunday morning when the tickets are cheaper.  and also, we're part of the amc rewards program so we get money back almost every other time.  and also, also- everyone spends money on what's important to them.  for my hubs, it's movies.  so we go to the movies ;)

i'm always so curious when people are shocked at how often we go to the movies.  i didn't know it wasn't a thing that people did regularly.  how often do you go to the movies?

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also!  some items i've been eyeing lately

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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