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July 25, 2017

a few weeks ago i received the posh voxbox from influenster and have been trying out the products i received.  i wanted to give each product a fair try before coming on here and giving you my opinion on what i'm loving and what i can do without ;)

today, i want to talk about hair!  i have been trying the ouidad shampoo and conditioner and have been loving it.  it is sulfate and paraben free, which i have committed myself to using shampoos that are healthier for my hair. since bleaching the crap out of my hair, i've been only using natural products to bring my curls back.  i almost did the barefoot blonde hair challenge to not use heat on my hair, but i couldn't fully commit to that.  one thing at a time, am i right?  i definitely see a difference in my curls using this shampoo and conditioner, except for the ends of my hair, which are still over processed.  that part of my hair is pin straight and the reason i haven't committed to not using heat on my hair.

to help dry my hair, which has cut down my blow drying time in half (and helps with minimizing heat use on my hair), i have been using (and loving) the aquis hair towel.  i've always used a microfiber towel for my hair because of its fast drying properties and defrizzing abilities.  so i love this towel just as much as my last one ;)

and lastly, to help smooth out my hair after styling it, i've been using the julep boost your radiance drops.  i'll be honest, i love these drops.  i use them on my face every morning and night and on my hair to style it.  i've even used it on my body right before a photo shoot to literally boost my radiance!  i LOVE this product!  i only use two drops and rub it on my ends of my hair since i don't want my hair to end up looking greasy.  it really gives life to my over processed, dull ends!  this is one product that i am 100% repurchasing once i run out!!

the rest of the products i received in my box are beauty related products.  i'm going to do a whole separate post sharing those products, what i'm loving (and what i can do without) as well as other favorite beauty products that i'm loving.

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disclaimer: i received these products free for testing purposes, however all opinions are my own.

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