chicago getaway: day 1

July 11, 2016

junior and i celebrated fourth of july weekend with a road trip to chicago.  i'm not too sure why, but everyone we spoke to thought we were insane for driving all the way to chicago.  people were more interested in asking me how was the drive rather than how was our time in a different city.  we were so confused.  there are so many other things that we could do that could be shocking, but a road trip?  i mean, come on people!  live a little!!!  we're young, adventurous and can do "crazy" things like take a 12 hour drive to explore a new city.

we absolutely loved chicago.  by far one of our favorite cities that we've visited.  the food, the shopping, the buildings, lake michigan, magnificent was all so amazing!

we left new jersey around 2 am on saturday morning and arrived to our room at 2 pm.  we made a few stops for gas, food and resting and also gained an hour back.  we took a nap for a few hours once we arrived and then went out for dinner at giordano's (for deep dish!).  while we were waiting to get seated at giordano's, (it was an hour wait and it takes an hour and a half to make the deep dish pizza), we walked around millennium park and took some pictures at the bean.  it was just as cool as i thought it was going to be!  and it was so nice to see as the sun was setting!!

we walked around and saw an outdoor concert going on with an orchestra.  so beautiful.  we stayed watching and listening to the music until our food was ready.  once we got the call, we headed over to the restaurant to eat.  we ate a deep dish cheese pizza and a thin pepperoni pizza (because we had to try both!).  the deep dish was our favorite!

after we ate, we called it a night because we wanted to wake up super early on sunday to catch the sun rise. i'll be back on wednesday with the rest of our trip and some more pictures.  which, by the way, somehow we didn't even take that many!  i think we were loving the city so much that we just wanted to be in the moment.  i love how that happens ;)

^^ out of focus, but love that i have my own paparazzi ;)

||  top  ||  jeans  ||  shoes  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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