chicago getaway: day 2

July 15, 2016

hello, hello!  i'm here to share the rest of our trip to chicago.  (see day one here)

we woke up super early on sunday to catch the sunrise over lake michigan.  as we drove towards the lake, the view was breathtaking!  i can't even describe how beautiful it was.  we looked for parking (since we didn't want to park in a lot for $18 an hour!) and found parking pretty far away but figured we could just walk really, really fast to catch gorgeous pictures of the sunrise.  once we parked, i remembered i didn't grab junior's camera bag and i didn't see him grab it either.  i asked him, "hey, where's your camera?" and he just flipped!  it's funny now thinking back (who am i kidding, i laughed right away lol) but he was so mad!  we had to drive all the way back to the room (only like a 7 minute drive), grab the camera bag and then find parking all over again.

by the time we made it back, the sun was already pretty high in the sky so the pictures didn't come out as junior wanted.  but i still love them.  and i love the fact that we were still able to enjoy it in real time ;)

we went back in the car so i could change (since i was in a bikini and a see through dress) and walk around a little bit.  we explored around the lincoln park zoo and then more of the city.  we grabbed breakfast, since it was so early and then headed back to the room.  we figured we wanted to explore the city more so we wanted to take a little nap.  we aren't really morning people!

after we were up and ready, again, we headed to portillo's for hot dogs.  you can't come to chicago and not eat the hot dogs!  they were good, but nothing out of this world.  i had onions and a pickle on mine and junior had a chili cheese dog.  then we walked all of down town chicago.  we walked through and shopped at magnificent mile.  we went over to the theater district, walked under all the trains, did some more shopping. lots of walking around, shopping and just site seeing.

for dinner, we had to try another spot for deep dish, because when in chicago, you have to eat all the deep dish you can handle!  we went to lou malnati's and had the fried calamari for appetizer and a cheese deep dish pie.  lou malnati's  it was good, but giordano's was definitely our favorite.  and after dinner, we headed to a bar for an after dinner drink because we were feeling adventurous ;)

on monday, check out was at 11 but junior scheduled a photo shoot with a local model for monday morning.  we woke up early and he did his shoot with jasmine.  the pictures came out amazing and i'm glad we were able to meet a local!  we checked out and went back to portillo's for lunch.  we really wanted to try the ribs because they looked amazing!  we're so glad we did because omg they were to die for!!!

|| white dress  ||  peach dress  ||  burgundy dress  ||  white vest  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. i went to chicago and hated it! i did not like the pizza at all haha. you almost convinced me to give it another shot just for the view of the lake!

    1. that's so funny! you should totally give the city a second try!! we are such pizza lovers, like we have pizza once a week, so i thought we were going to HATE the deep dish. i guess we just LOVE all kinds of pizza!!! ;)

  2. Such a beautiful post dear! Love your outfits and photos! :)

  3. You're in my hometown! Love it :) Hope you had the best time.


  4. Such a great recap- and I love the shots! Deep dish allll the way. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. These photos are so vibrant, love the ones at the beach! So lovely with Chicago, so much fun! Xx

  6. love chicago and love your outfits

  7. You look so beautiful and loved your outfits :)


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