small film: chicago getaway

July 21, 2016

here is the small film i created of our time in chicago.  i didn't record as much as i wanted to but i figured i'd still keep the tradition alive and share little snippets of our getaways.

i shoot these little films with my iphone 6 and edit it with imovie.  we are looking into buying a new camera just for vlogging our travels since i really enjoy making these videos!  what cameras do you guys use??  i love looking back at these little films and reliving our little getaways ;)  hope you enjoy!

see blog post part one here and part two here, complete with a break down of our trip and outfit details ;)

photograph by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Obsessed with that white top! So chic.

    XO, Jessi

  2. Would love to visit Chicago and loved your previous posts on the city! Have to check the video too! Xx

    1. thank you so much!! it's such a great city to visit!

  3. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Great post bbgirl.

    XO, Jessi


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