half way through

July 27, 2016

hello, friends!

how is july almost over?  i'm over here like where did the summer go?  we're half way through the summer and i feel like i haven't done anything at all, yet i feel like i've been so super busy!  weird how that can happen.  

i'm trying to think of all the different things i want to do before the summer ends.  are there any fun things you guys have been doing this summer?  i want to do so many more things and go on more adventures.  i really should start planning ;)

i also want to plan a few getaways for the fall/winter, too.  we have made it a tradition to go to puerto rico in either november or december and now i can't imagine going through those long winter months without breaking it up with a tropical vacation!!

we took these pictures when we went to ringwood state park several weeks ago.  i love how every time we go to that park, it looks so different!  it's probably one of my favorite places to visit.  fun fact, i took junior here on a picnic 7 years ago on one of his visits to new jersey ;)  it certainly holds a special place in my heart!

||  tank top  ||  skirt  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Gorgeous clicks...xo, Neha


  2. I dropped by onto your blog and I really love your styling, your blog and those amazing pictures :) :) love the outfit :*

  3. Stunning shots!! I love the transition between the last two photos!
    Adi xx

  4. you look fantastic babe



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