blushing in pink

December 28, 2016

hello, lovelies!

only a few more sleeps until the new year!  i just can't believe it.  isn't that what we always say, though?  i feel like i need to get my life together.  i started going to the gym and drinking more water, which were two things i had on my "resolutions" list.  but i really don't believe in new year's resolutions.  i think we can start whatever we want, whenever we want.  but i really need to put "keeping my room clean" on that list, for sure.  and not wait for the new year to clean up, you know what i'm saying?

i'll share a few other goals or resolutions i have for the new year next week.  oh, i also have a year in review post scheduled for friday.  it's so long and i honestly think no one is going to read it but i had the best time going back through the whole year and seeing all that i've done this past year.  that's why i love having this little corner of the save a bunch of my memories so i can look back on.  it's the absolute best!

and just because i'm sharing these pictures, can i just say how much i'm loving this pink and grey combo?!  i had received this coat last week and then paula gifted me that little clutch for christmas.  don't they pair so well together?  so, so cute!!

||  coat c/o shein ||  hat (similar)  ||  booties (similar)  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Wow!!! That clutch is so cute!!!
    Paula has AMAZING taste!!!
    Great combo!

  2. Seriously living for this combo! Im not even a clutch person and i am eyeing that clutch! Your friend has amazing taste (just like you!)

    1. i remember loving pink and grey years ago and now i love it again! thank you, boo!


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