how does my booty look?

December 19, 2016

hello, friends!

i joined the gym (again)!  i used to go with my sister at least 4 times a week and was so good about it. i joined because junior started going and insisted that i join too.  so when i realized he never would go, i got mad and cancelled both of our memberships.  i never wanted to go in the first place.  well now, almost a year later, i regretted cancelling my membership.  yes, he inspired me to initially join, but i actually enjoyed working out and i felt great.  so i finally joined and am excited to work out as much as i can.  and of course my sister is beyond thrilled she has her workout partner back!

i get so uncomfortable speaking about eating healthy and working out because i am just naturally petite.  people look at me like i'm crazy!  i've gotten "skinny shamed" so many times and it makes me feel so uncomfortable.  i think it's so important for me feel great no matter what size i wear.

so i'm feeling positive about getting into a new routine and just physically feeling great!  obviously seeing some abs and growing my booty would be a plus, but i'll be ok with just having more energy throughout the day ;)

speaking of booty, how great do these jeans make my booty look?!  i'm obsessed!!!  i've been looking for a really good pair of high waist jeans and i think i've found them.  i've also linked a few pairs of jeans i'm loving below ;)

a few other jeans that i'm loving:
these distressed boyfriend jeans for $20.99
these high waist jeans for $21.99
these dark wash jeans for $20.99
these light jeans for $21.99

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  1. Your booty looks AMAZING Raeeee!!!!
    Hehehe!!! Slay!!!
    Xoxoxo love you!

  2. I swear you are always reading my mind! I was gonna ask on a blog post (the peach pants one) what your workout/diet routine was! Its unfortunate that ppl would be rude just cause your petite and im sorry that has happen to you, but if you do any blog posts that do include workouts and cute work out clothes im sure we all would love it!

    1. that's so funny! i'll definitely share a workout routine once i get into an actual routine. i'm so glad to know you want me to share!! and of course some cute workout outfits too (and affordable places to buy them!) xoxo


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