dressing casual

December 12, 2016

hello, loves!!

on saturday, junior and i went to the movies first thing in the morning.  it's what we do.  have you been to the movies at night recently?  it's super expensive and all the annoying teens are out being loud and obnoxious.  so we're those young people that think we're old and we go on saturday mornings.  ha!

usually we decide to go to the movies last minute, like we wake up at 9:45 and junior goes "hey, want to go to the movies?  it starts at 10:20."  meaning we have to leave the house in 15 minutes.  i usually have a hard time choosing what to wear because i just don't own many casual clothes.  sweats?  what are those?!  so this outfit was my idea of dressing down.  (although if i'm truly being honest, because i love being honest with you all, i was wearing converse sneakers and not these booties at the movies ;)  isn't this sweatshirt gorgeous though?!  i am just loving embroidered details lately!!

so we went to see nocturnal animals with amy adams and jake gyllenhaal.  do yourself a favor, and go watch that movie!!!  i was actually speechless walking out of the theater and told junior i needed a minute before we talked about it.  it was phenomenal!  i feel like that movie really hit home for me and related to my relationship with junior so much.  i don't even want to say much more because i really want you to go watch it!!

other "sweatshirts" i'm loving:
this grey off the shoulder sweatshirt for $33.99
this grey with rose appliqué detail sweatshirt for $21.99
this black with lace shoulders sweatshirt for $17.99
this black with flower print sweatshirt for $16.99

||  sweatshirt c/o makemechic  ||  pants  ||  booties  ||

also!  for my north jersey loves!!  i am co-hosting an in-store holiday event at the charlotte russe store in the jersey gardens mall tomorrw, december 13 from 6:30 to 9:30.  i'm so super excited!!  they are sending a car to pick me up so i can get my hair and make up done before the event.  i would love for any of you that live in new jersey to come by and say hello!  there will be sweet treats, a selfie station, and make up artists creating the hottest lip trends!  hope to see you there!!

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. your casual style is my dressed up! love it and i wish i could come support you at the event but i work, if you have any more of them and know in advanced enough, please let me know!! -mai

    1. omg!!! I would have loved for you to go!! If there is another one, I will certainly let you know as soon as I find out!!! Thank you so much! Xoxoxo


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