cabo rojo, puerto rico: revisiting old favorites

June 15, 2018

i have this longing desire to always want to revisit places that i've already been to.  almost like i want to go and see what's changed.  or go and show off how much i've changed.  i don't know.  maybe it's a weird "living in the past" thing that i have.  a nostalgic feeling, that even though i'm not the same person i was when i first visited, i want to sort of take that memory of the "old" me and bring it into the present, with the new me.

i feel like none of this is making sense and maybe i should have tried and gathered my thoughts before i put  my fingers to the keyboard.  i was just looking at these pictures and started thinking about how different they are from the first time we visited las salinas de cabo rojo in puerto rico.

a lot has changed in the two years since we've been here.  junior's photography has improved so much.  my hair is completely different.  my mindset is different.  we're in a different (and dare i say better) place in our marriage.  and yet, i cherish both times we visited.   i look back at both memories and appreciate them both for the ability to show me how much has changed.  how much we've grown and improved.

maybe that's why i love revisiting old favorites.  to gauge my growth.  to have a point in my life to compare the present to.

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