collector of memories

June 25, 2018

these pictures were taken in a "swamp" area in between the salt flats and light house in cabo rojo, puerto rico.  while we were heading back to the car, as the sun was setting, junior asked if we could take some pictures here.  i was a little grossed out because the ground was super soft but not wet.  it was what i imagined quick sand would feel like.  but not real quick sand because obviously i wasn't engulfed by the sand while we stood there.  

i love having random memories captured like this!  i would have never remember this spot otherwise.  i would have never remembered being here and if i had, i would have remembered it as a gross, swamp area.  but looking at these pictures, i can remember the feeling beneath my feet (and knees).  i can remember the salty smell in the air.  i can remember the stray dogs wandering around and the beach-goers packing up their cars for the night behind junior as he snapped away.  

i've always said i am a collector of memories and this is why.  because our minds can fail us and we can have a hard time remember things on our own.  but when we have snapshots of small moments like these, we can look back on them and remember.  

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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