summer dress + 10 random things

June 27, 2018

here are some random things in no particular order:

1. junior and i are road tripping to toronto on sunday.  i'm super excited and need to start planning some outfits.  i'm def bringing at least one of these dresses with me!

2. my coworker let me borrow this book and i'm planning on reading it on the way to toronto.  i love poetry books!

3. i was sent this teeth whitening kit to try out and blog about.  i have been so awful with staying consistent and doing it every night.  i have  a hard time doing most things consistently.  except my skin care routine ;)

4. speaking of skin care, i need to get an updated post for you guys asap!

5. did you guys watch handmaids tale?!  holy shit!  i'm obsessed.

6. speaking of great shows...westworld!  another amazing show!

7. junior and i have changed our diets drastically.  i don't want to just say we're doing keto bc we're not super strict right now.  but we've been limiting our intake of carbs and sugars and just being more overall aware of what we're eating.  i feel great (and i bet my skin thanks me for it too!)

8. we've been in the market for a new couch.  junior and i can't seem to agree on one that we both love so we just haven't gotten anything.

9. we never had a headboard on our bed and lately i've been wanting one.  i saw one at marshalls that i thought was cute but didn't buy it.  i told junior about it and then next day he went with my sister to go pick it up.  be still my heart.

10. i just got my new quay x desi rose gold/green fade high key sunnies and i'm obsessed! the high keys are my favorite style of sunnies and i think you should own a pair, too ;)

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