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June 26, 2018

junior and i always spend a lot of time in ponce when we visit puerto rico. it's the town next to where my in-laws live and there's always something happening in ponce. i'll list a few of our favorite things to do while were in town since we do go to ponce so often.

visiting la guancha is always a must! junior grew up going to la guancha, which is a boardwalk with different bars, eateries and little souvenir shops. due to hurricane maria, you can no longer access the actual boardwalk, but some restaurants and bars are open for business. there is a beach area that you can access. it's super romantic to grab a drink and then head over to the beach and walk with your hunny under the stars ;) #protip

you can also grab a ferry to go to isla de caja de muertos, an island off the coast of ponce. we have yet to check our caja de muertos but it's on my bucket list for sure! since i know we'll be back soon, i'll make sure we make it a point to get out there.

we love going to el pilon, a restaurant that serves the most amazing mofongo with shrimp. we always split one and an order of chicharones de pollo with tostones. we may or may not have gone here multiple times in the week we were there ;)

there's always something to do while exploring around the center of old town ponce, too! there are many museums to visit, including el museo castillo serralles where junior and i got married (so of course it's a favorite of mine) and el parque de bombas. all of these pictures in this post were taken in the old town of ponce and the black and red building is the side of el parque de bombas. there are many restaurants and bars around the center of old town ponce. we stopped to get some "limber" at an ice cream shop. i ordered mango flavored limber and omg! it was so, so good!

also of note, is my absolute favorite "bakery", la guarina bakery where i can't be on the island without stopping there and ordering a pernil sandwich with cheese. i literally bought a pork shoulder as soon as we got home so i can make some pernil and make one of those sandwiches at home. here's my pernil recipe if you're curious as to how i make it!

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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