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February 09, 2016

junior and i have realized that we absolutely love exploring different places and documenting it.  while we don't have an extensive list of travels in our archives, it's definitely something that we both want to dedicate our life doing.  since we both have day jobs (those bills have to get paid somehow!), it's hard to just pick up and leave for extensive amounts of time whenever we want.  so we have resorted to weekend getaways and day trips to satisfy our exploring desires.

one goal that i would love to accomplish this year is seeing more of what our state has to offer.  new jersey has a lot of bad reputations but it's called the garden state for a reason!  there are so many beautiful places to visit all over new jersey and i would love to check out as many of them as possible!  i was inspired by our recent trip to puerto rico to research more of what new jersey has to offer and hopefully share it here with you guys!

first up, is garret mountain located in woodland park.  a few weekends ago, i needed to get my brakes changed.  my mechanic is located in clifton and i knew that it was going to take a few hours to get my car serviced.  i figured we had some time to kill so i suggested going to the nearby park to explore a little.  we had been a few times during the warmer months (junior actually threw me a surprise birthday picnic here back when i was just his girlfriend!) but i figured it would be beautiful with a fresh blanket of snow.  i got all dressed up and we wandered around aimlessly just taking in the beauty around us.

just as a disclaimer, i am wearing leggings under my dress and would roll them up when junior was taking a picture.  yes, it was cold!  i also did have on hiking boots that i would change out of for the pictures.  no, i am not that fabulous ;)  also, in the pictures below, i'm actually standing in a creek.  usually when we take pictures in risky locations, junior always tests it out to make sure its safe.  i wish there was a hidden camera watching us because he stepped into a pile of snow that quickly melted into the stream of water.  his poor foot got soaking wet.  we quickly wrapped up our shoot at that point.  i felt so bad!!  i couldn't complain about being cold after that little incident ;)

dress, old (similar)
head piece (similar)
coat, vintage (similar)

photography by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful and I love that head piece!



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