happy birthday husband

February 11, 2016

today is my sweet husband's birthday!!

i'm finding it hard to put into words exactly how amazing this man is. i think back to how much we've grown together and individually over the past eight and a half years and i'm just amazed. from our friendship, to our long distance relationship, to his big move, to our rough patches, to getting married in paradise, to building a life together, to sharing our love for exploring- it has all been such a wonderful journey! i have enjoyed each and every chapter of our relationship and am looking forward to all that's to come.  he pushes me every single day to move out of my comfort zone and go after all of the things i want in life.   always encouraging me grow into a better version of myself.  and it's hard not to want to because he is constantly evolving and pushing for better.  i admire that about him.  i look up to him.

with all that mushy stuff out of the way, happy happy birthday, sweet husband of mine!  i love you way too much!!  can't wait to grow old and saggy with you...it's what i look forward to the most ;)

and just because i love memories, here are a few pictures of us from over the years...

photo by denisse benitez

please go wish him a happy birthday over on his instagram or his website!!  let's make the birthday boy feel loved!!!

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  1. awww, that's so sweet! wish you all the best!
    btw Love your blog!



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