weekend recap

February 29, 2016

junior and i had the absolute best weekend.  it was much needed after some time of being a bit uninspired.  it could be the cold, or just normal human behavior.  who knows!  either way, this weekend was so good for my soul!

on friday, we went to the mall, got some starbucks and just walked around.  husband bought a few things.  i opted not to buy anything.  i recently just bought these super expensive sandals (something i never do!) so i'm feeling a bit guilty for splurging.  also, i think i need to purge my closet of a few things that i no longer wear.  hopefully i'll motivate myself to do that soon.  i want to be able to buy new things without feeling guilty because of how much stuff i have.  plus also, it would be nice to actually have the room for it, too.

after the mall we went to my friend's house and just hung out until super late.  that always tends to happen when were all together.  it's so nice when your friends become your family and you can just come over unannounced and stay until the wee hours of the morning.

on saturday we went to an amazing wedding at the franklin plaza in troy, ny.  honestly one of the best weddings we have been to.  everything from the venue, to the food (at cocktail hour and the main course), to the dj and the drinks...everything was top notch!  we were super surprised and it totally made the two hour drive each way worth it!!  not to mention, the bride looked absolutely stunning!!!

and the weekend did not stop there!  on sunday we drove into brooklyn to meet up with bobby from this fellow.  funny, i just asked husband a little over a week ago if we could head into brooklyn.  we didn't get pizza, but still had an amazing day, nonetheless ;)  bobby took us to an abandoned warehouse which was so cool to see.  it was both junior and my first time in an abandoned warehouse.  we were just in awe the entire time.  we took pictures, talked a lot and laughed a lot.  such a great day and i can't wait to share more pictures from our little excursion.  bobby actually took these pictures, which i absolutely love.  especially that first one of junior and me.  totally us in our element captured so perfectly!! thank you again, bobby!

hope you all had a great weekend!!

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