inspired vol 1: have a good day

February 04, 2016

i am constantly on pinterest, instagram, youtube, bloglovin, or just the internet in general looking for new inspiration.  whether it be for my appearance, mental health, physical health, my home, my relationships, etc. i'm always looking for new ways to better myself and new ideas to incorporate into my life.  i am easily inspired by literally everything so i want to start a new blog series called inspired.  this series will allow me to share some of the things that inspire me and hopefully, in turn, inspire you too!

to start out the series, i was inspired by this post from amber of barefoot blonde.  i absolutely love amber and her adorable little kids. in her post, she highlights a 5 ways to make sure you have a good day which seem like such common sense, but for some reason i can't seem to get it together!!  i was inspired to share my own list of things i need to improve to ensure that i have a good day.

1.  short workout as soon as i wake up.  i used to go to the gym every morning with my sister and get a workout in before going to work.  i somehow convinced myself that it was a good idea to cancel my gym membership and that i would workout at home.  it's been a few months of no exercise, but i finally woke up early today and got a small workout in.  i feel super amazing and already feel like today is a good day!

2. caring for my skin.  i'm usually so good at removing my makeup but there are just some days that i think "ain't nobody got time for that".  really it's just because i'm lazy and that's horrible!  so continuing to remove my makeup each night and also moisturizing my skin is super important.  i'm really good at using moisturizer on my face, but my body is another story!!  i don't know it's so hard for me to take 2 minutes to rub body lotion all over my body.  when i do take care of my skin, i always feel so much better.

3. keeping the apartment tidy.  i'm really so horrible at keeping things neat and tidy over at our place. after working 9 to 5 and then (usually) cooking as soon as i get home, who has the energy to clean??  last night i took it upon myself to clean up and i woke up today in such a good mood.

and because what's a blog post without pictures??  so here are a few pictures from a gorgeous little hidden spring we found in vega baja, puerto rico called manantial de palmira.  isn't this place just super inspiring??  is it just me?  ;)

what are ways that you can improve to make sure you have a good day?

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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  1. I love little posts like this, can't wait to read part 2! And ohhh my- your blog is so beautiful. And it's on blogspot?! How did you make it so lovely?

    Em x

    1. Thank you so much, Em!! I found some blogger templates on!! They have some really beautiful, clean looking templates ;)


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