valentine's day wish list

February 06, 2016


i don't know about you but i'm in love with love.  husband thinks i live in a fairy tale land where everything is so beautiful and happy.  i think i would have to agree with him!  i just love focusing my energy being positive and living my life filled with love!  so it's only natural for me to be so super cheesy when a "hallmark holiday" like valentine's day rolls around ;)  a day where we can buy gifts, flowers, cards and chocolates for the people we love?  uhhh, sign me right up!!

not only is it super important to let the ones you care about know that you love them, but it's so important to just love yourself!  sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to take the time out for ourselves.  and girl, let me tell you...YOU deserve it!  whether it's treating yourself to something big, like a spa day or an expensive pair of shoes, or something small like buy a new red lipstick or a new candle... sometimes we just need to treat ourselves!

i made a list of a few things that may or  may not be treating myself to this valentine's day ;)  take a look down below!!

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  1. Such beautiful things! Love V-day!



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