happy february

February 01, 2016

in honor of this love filled month, i'd love to share some pictures from our visit to castillo serralles, which is where junior and i got married a little over two years ago. (still can't believe it's been over two years! where does the time go??)

february is a super lovey month over at the orellana household because it's husband's birthday, our dating anniversary and valentine's day.  this valentine's day weekend, we are going to a marc anthony concert, which i'm super excited about!!  so we have a lot to look forward to this month.  i always feel super in love during february and what better way than to kick off the month by sharing some pictures of the day we visited one of my favorite places on earth ;)

i seriously get all the feels looking at these pictures and imagining us two years earlier as we were exchanging vows at this amazing location.  going to the castle during our visit to puerto rico was the highlight of my trip and i'm so glad we made the time to come here.

i bought this dress a few months before leaving for puerto rico.  when i started planning my outfits for the trip (because yes, i plan my outfits!), i saved it especially for this particular day.  i think it was the perfect dress to prance around the grounds of this enchanted castle and act like a princess all over again!!

do you have any special plans for this lovely month?

photography by blissfulkaos.  

oh, and one iphone picture of husband and me kissing where we had our first kiss!  (all the hearteyes!!!)

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