beauty at the apple orchard

October 21, 2016

hello my lovelies!

i went apple picking with my best friend and her family this year.  this was the second time i went with them.  last time, we packed a picnic with sandwiches, wine and cheese and it was amazing.  this year, we went on a day that was a little rainy so we didn't pack a picnic.  we went for just a few hours to pick some apples, drink hot apple cider and take some apple cider donuts home.

junior had planned a photo shoot that day so originally he didn't come with us.  once i arrived at the orchard and saw all the fog and how beautiful it was up there, i was so mad that he wasn't there to take pictures.  after a little bit of arguing ;) junior drove all the way up to the orchard just so he can see the beauty and get a few shots.  thank you, husband!

i'm so glad he was able to get up there and all the foggy goodness was still there!  he wasn't crazy about the whole apple picking part, though.  i told him he has to try it with some wine and cheese before knocking it completely.  maybe next year ;)

location: maskers orchard, warwick, new york

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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