fall in new jersey

October 24, 2016

hello, loves!

i don't know how the weather is where you are, but i am just loving this fall season!  maybe because it's the end of october and i still haven't really worn a real coat yet ;)  it has been so beautiful!

yesterday junior and i planned to go to the movies and then hoboken.  we saw jack reacher, which was good.  i enjoyed it.  it wasn't a favorite but it was enjoyable.  instead of going to hoboken, i thought it was better idea to go on a hike since it was just so beautiful out!  it was so nice because as we started hiking down, the sun was setting and it was stunning.  the  sky was orange/red and so were all the leaves!  hiking in new jersey during fall is just breathtaking. 

oh, and can we talk about this overcoat really quickly?  i am obsessed!!!  junior loves it too.  and for him to love an article of clothing of mine is a huge deal!  first of all, the color.  this burgundy is everything.  if you haven't noticed already, i love all the deep reds.  and i am just all about statement pieces adding some pizzazz to your outfit.  i can picture myself wearing this with jeans, a white tee, and some sneakers, too!  love, love, love!  oh and the best part is, it's only $23.99!

hope you all had a great weekend!!

||  overcoat c/o shein  ||  dress  ||  necklace (similar)  ||  shoes  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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