chasing waterfalls

October 14, 2016

junior and i managed to sneak in one more trip to george childs park in pennsylvania before the cold weather hit us.  i absolutely love it there.  it's probably my new favorite place to take pictures.  and if i'm being totally honest, we can probably still make a few more trips back, even in the winter.  i just won't get in the water.  maybe.  we'll see ;)

i wore my hair curly did you notice?  my hair hasn't curled naturally since i bleached the crap out of it!  and to be honest, even the grown out, not bleached part of my hair doesn't curl.  so i'm just thinking my hair just doesn't curl any more like it used to.  junior asked me if i could wear it curly for a photo shoot because he loves it curly.  even though i knew it wouldn't curl naturally, i figured i could try something.  so i washed it, scrunched it and blow dried it and then curled with a tiny curling iron and then rescrunched it.  it was a long process!  but i got it to look almost what my natural hair used to look like ;)  maybe i'll wear it like that more often!  (it's just so much easier to straighten!)

speaking of hair...should i just cut my hair?  i'm talking boy short, pixie cut.  i had my hair in a pixie about 6 years ago and i'm really contemplating just chopping it all off!  what are your thoughts?  if i just go ahead and do it, don't say i didn't warn ya!

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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