dating my husband

October 01, 2016

i don't know about you but i just love a reason to get all dolled up!  usually, i get dressed to go on dates with my husband, but i'll take a girls night any night!!

dating my husband is my favorite.  i actually view every little thing that we do together as a date.  it makes me feel like we're always doing something exciting.  there came a point when we would go out that i wouldn't dress up and he started to say "you get more dressed up for everyone else and never for me."  and he was right (but don't tell him i said that ;)

so i started getting dressed up for my nights out (or even days out) with him.  and it's really made me feel like a million bucks!!  

i used to just rush to get ready and not put any thought into what i was going to wear or how i would style my hair when it was just to grab a bite to eat.  or just to go to the movies.  and yet, when i would make plans with my friends, i would preplan my outfit days in advanced and take more than an hour to get ready.  i would feel good about myself when i would go out with my friends.  so why wouldn't i make the extra effort while going out with my husband, the man i'm going to be dating for the rest of my life?  

and so now i make the extra effort.  i take the extra time.  not just for him, but for me too.  because i love dating my husband and turning all of our simple outings into a date night!  and no, a little rain won't stop me ;)

ps- this dress that i'm wearing is only $12.99 and you need to have it!  the most perfect dress for your fall date nights (whether with your bae or your girlfriends!!)

||  dress c/o shein  ||  heels  (similar) ||  choker (only $1.75!)  ||  umbrella  ||  lippie  ||  

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. loveeeeee this look!! what size did you grab in the dress? -mai

    1. thank you so much!!! i'm wearing a size small ;)


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