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October 12, 2016

as the weather is getting cooler, i am just loving all types of sweaters!  i'm usually always hot so it's hard for me to actually be comfortable in a sweater.  i love that bare shoulders are in because it allows me to look chic while not dying of heat while wearing a sweater.

a few weekends ago (because we always do things on the weekends due to our day jobs ;), junior and i went to short hills mall to do a little window shopping...although i did end up buying a few things!  i just couldn't help myself!  but anyway, i was loving all types of sweaters and just had to try a few on. i love the off the shoulder look, ones with cute back details and even the sleeveless sweaters!  totally my way to wear sweaters.

i linked a few sweaters that i'm loving at the bottom of this post.  be sure to check them out!  they are all under $35.  what a steal!

funny story, while we were trying to leave the mall, we lost the car.  we couldn't figure out where we parked even if our life depended on it.  we were tired and hungry and both quickly got cranky.  i figured out that my new iphone has the "find my car" feature and even with that, it took us 20 minutes to find the car!  ha!

 ^^how gorgeous is that dress?!  i ended up taking that beauty home with me and i cannot wait to wear it!
^^we stopped at the apple store before leaving the mall (well, before we tried to leave lol) and checked out the 27 inch imac.  we went onto blissfulkaos.com to check out juniors work on the big screen and ohmygoodness it was beautiful!!!  when we left the store, we left the site up so we can share the beauty ;)

some sweaters that i'm loving for under $35:
this purple sweater for $17.99
this green choker sweater for $25.99
this loose orange sweater for $24.99
this grey cable knit sweater for $34.99

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