movie date with poppa

October 17, 2016

hello my lovelies!

i had such a full weekend!  sometimes i get overwhelmed when i have no down time, but i can't complain.  it's nice to have a balance.  some weekends just relaxing and others jam packed with goodness.

on saturday junior and i went to see the movie the accountant with my poppa.  ohmygoodness!  what an amazing movie!!!  it was excellent from the moment it started up until the very end.  usually i find myself kind of lost in the beginning of the movie while the story is unfolding, but not this movie.  it was super captivating and had a beautiful message about parenting with autism (and just parenting in general).  such a great movie and i highly recommend everyone to watch it.

i feel especially glad that i watched it with my poppa.  something about a father/child bond that is so special.  and i truly believe my pops is an amazing father and taught me (and continues to teach me) how to succeed in this thing we call life.  he really is such an inspiration to me and one of my favorite humans!

ps- this sweater that i'm wearing!  it is the softest sweater that i own!!!  true story, when i saw my dad, i showed him how amazing my sweater was and he said "i love fashion these days.  in the front it looks all nice and then in the back you're naked."  LOL!  i told him "I'M NOT NAKED!"  not too sure poppa loved the back detail, but i sure do ;)  oh, and it's only $32!!

||  sweater c/o make me chic  ||  bralette (similar)  ||  leggings  ||  boots  ||  sunnies  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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