a night at the opera

February 17, 2017

a few weeks ago, i met up with my childhood best friend, sofia, and went to the metropolitan opera in new york city.  you know, the usual tuesday night ;)

sofia and i went to middle school together in south jersey.  we were the best of friends in school but both had extremely strict moms so we never hung out outside of school.  when i was in the seventh grade, my family relocated to north jersey in the middle of the school year.

being that our moms were strict, neither one of us were allowed to use the phone. we used to send letters back and forth to each other.  (i really need to go dig at my mom's house to see if i kept any of those letters.  i am a low key hoarder so there's a good chance they're somewhere in that house!!!)  once emailing, aim, and social media became a thing, we always found a way to find each other and keep in touch.

a few weeks back, sofia reached out to me and asked if we could hang out while she was visiting new york.  of course i said yes and we tried coming up with something enriching to do together.  i found last minute tickets to the metropolitan opera for that night and ran the idea by her.  she was game!

we had the absolute best time catching each other up with our life happenings and everything that's happened since we last saw each other (almost five years ago).  we wined and dined at a delicious chinese restaurant and then headed over to the opera to catch carmen.  it was so, so good.  i think its safe to say we both highly recommend it!

i love having people in my life that enjoy stimulating conversations and appreciate all types of art and culture.  this experience has definitely encourage me to look into more events happening around me.  thank you for the inspiration and fabulous night, sofia!!

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