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February 03, 2017

hello lovelies!

junior and i took the first set of these pictures at the new york public library.  we couldn't really find a section where we could take pictures with books, so you can't even tell we're in a library.  after shooting for about 10 minutes, we were told that we weren't allowed to shoot pictures "like that" there (photography is allowed though).  so we just packed up and headed over to grand central station to finish shooting this look.

the point of telling you this is that being in a library made me think of all the forgotten stories that sit in the pages of books in libraries.  in this day and age, it's super rare for people to actually open an actual book and read from the pages, let alone check out a book from the library.  so their just sitting there, on the shelves, forgotten.

then i thought about all of the forgotten stories of my life, and all of my memories.  i still have my old blog active (but private) that i started back in 2012 so i started reading some of my entries.  i'm so glad i still have that space to look back on and remember all of the different stages of my life!

reading back on all of my entries makes me feel like that's my own personal library, archiving my special moments (good and bad) that i felt were important enough to share, just floating around on this virtual library (called the internet) just waiting to be read.

||  jean jacket c/o makemechic  ||  jeans  ||  bodysuit  ||  earcuff (similar) ||

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  1. One of my favorite looks, so edgy! Love the lipstick also. Ps, i love reading, i love going to the library and checking out books (books can get pricey!)

    1. thank you love! i know, buying books does get pricey!! the library is certainly the way to go ;)


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