golden hour in santa monica

February 24, 2017

while in los angeles, santa monica had to be one of my favorite areas to visit.  on the day that we went to joshua tree national park, we headed back in to los angeles just in time for golden hour.  junior had the best idea to head straight over to the beach so we can catch the sunset.

i brought this dress with me to shoot at joshua tree but didn't end up using it.  i'm so glad i had it because as soon as junior told me we were going to the beach to watch the sunset (and take pictures, of course!  because what is our life even if we're not shooting ;)  i immediately put this dress on.

once we parked, we had to pretty much run all the way to the ocean because if we took our time, we would have missed it!  and what a gorgeous, gorgeous sight!!!  living on the east coast, there aren't many areas (that i know of anyway) that you can watch the sun set into the ocean like that.  junior was impressed because he said the sky and colors of the sunset in california is different than what he's used to seeing, but he wasn't as impressed as i was.  lucky for him, he grew up on an island so watching the sunset was like a second date for him ;)

i hope you enjoy this photo story.  we had so much fun creating it!

|| dress via shein ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. Yassss!! Looved this entired look/shoot!

    1. thank you!! it was definitely a highlight of the trip! that sunset was unreal <3


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