flowy dreams

February 08, 2017

hello loves!

trying to get into a routine is hard work!  i've been waking up early and going to the gym every week day for the past few weeks.  i think i realized that come wednesday, i'm mentally exhausted and just need a break.  i think i'm surpassing my "goal" of working out 3 days a week, so i'm giving myself permission to rest on wednesdays ;)

isn't this black dress stunning?  i was hoping to receive this dress before my trip to los angeles because i envisioned wearing it in joshua tree national park (i'll share those pictures in my next post!) but it arrived the day i left.  as junior and i always say "que mala suerte" (translated what bad luck)!  but nonetheless, i made it work.  i can't even describe how gorgeous i felt with such a flowy dress.  definitely on the look out for more extra flowy dresses because they just complete my life!  (i've linked this dress below if you want it for yourself!  it also comes in red and a hunter green.  use code "ralizabeth" for monies off!!)

||  dress c/o giti online  ||  use promo code "ralizabeth" for 5% off

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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