happy birthday, husband

February 11, 2017

today is a great day!  it's the day my best friend was born.

junior is honestly my best friend.  and it sounds soooo cliche and so corny but we were honestly friends before we became anything romantic.  yes, i always thought he was a catch (just look at him...how gorgeous?!) and i would have loved to start dating from the moment we met.  but, aside from the fact that we were both so young (me 17 and him 18), and we were both in broken, adolescent relationships, we also lived with an entire ocean in between us.  so it was kind of hard to be in a relationship, even if we wanted to.

so we became best friends.  he knew teenage me better than anyone.  he knew my heart.

junior is such a beautiful soul.  anyone that meets him instantly loves him.  he's super honest and super empathetic.  he is one of the most passionate people that i have ever met and literally always speaks with conviction (it's something that i've had a hard time accepting but i absolutely adore him for it).  he wants everyone in the world to succeed and doesn't understand why everyone isn't successful or following their dreams.

my happiness is truly his happiness.  to me, that is the definition of true love.

happy birthday to you, my handsome.  you are my absolute favorite.

please go and wish him a happy birthday on his instagram or his website!!  lets make this birthday boy feel the love!

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photographs by blissfulkaos at joshua tree national park, ca.  

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