hollywood boulevard

February 22, 2017

hello, loves!

i haven't been sharing pictures and stories from california and i really need to get back on that because i still have so much to share!!

on this day, junior and i went to hollywood boulevard to see the china theater and the hollywood walk of fame.  you know, do the tourist thing.  well, we learned quickly why we don't always like doing touristy thing!

unfortunately, it was not at all what i was expecting.  i guess i didn't realize it would kind of be like times square but super overwhelming.  there were so many people in our faces trying to sell us things like tickets or their own music.  and don't get me wrong, this happens in times square, but i don't ever remember people getting all up in my face.  in the city, they just ask as you walk by.  i don't know, it was very different than what i imagined and certainly not how it looks on tv.  but, you live and you learn ;)

||  dress  ||  jacket  ||  sneakers  ||  sunnies  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. I haven't gone to Hollywood Boulevard or any parts of the US so this is a very interesting perspective. Having people up in your face is not so nice, so I understand. I love what you are wearing, you look so flawless and that lipstick is in a shade so perfect for you :D

    1. thank you so much! it was very nice seeing it and experiencing it but certainly not what i expected. overly touristic and that's not really our thing ;)


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